Easy Barnwood®

Easy Barnwood®, a division of Michigan PreStain has been helping homeowners beautify their homes with pre-finished interior barnwood for years. We manufacture high-quality pre-finished barnwood at a competitive price, with expert, friendly advice for both professional builders and do-it-yourself customers – residential and commercial.

Reclaimed barnwood is a naturally beautiful product that is often plagued with problems. Reclaimed barnwood can be
expensive, difficult to install, and can be full of hidden hazards. If not purchased from a reputable dealer, you will find that most painted, reclaimed Barnwood is contaminated with lead paint, arsenic and mold from being exposed to the elements for years. If not kiln dried and tested for these toxins, reclaimed barnwood can be hazardous to your family’s health.

Why choose Easy Barnwood®?

  • Low maintenance.
  • Half the cost of reclaimed.
  • Fast and easy installs.
  • Tongue and groove profile for a seamless finish.
  • Eco-friendly water base finish.
  • Non-toxic finish.
  • No unwanted bugs.
  • Available in beveled edge and square edge tongue and groove.
  • Mix and match colors for a one-of-a-kind design.
  • Great for interior walls, ceilings, man caves, basements, three season rooms, porch ceilings, covered outdoor living areas, and commercial interiors.

Easy Barnwood® Colors Available

easy barnwood colors

Easy Barnwood® Profile

easy barnwood profile

Easy Barnwood® is distributed by Lumbermen’s in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.